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The duct doctor is Residential & Commercial HVAC repair, maintenance and replacement company located in Santa Rosa, California. We offer professional air duct cleaning services that improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and the quality of the air that you breathe. Whether you notice dust and debris in your home, suffer from respiratory or sinus issues, or simply just want to breathe clean air: we are here to help!

The Duct Doctor was founded in 2020 by owner John Bence. John was working for another company when he realized how badly clients were being taken advantage of by over-inflated prices and an under-delivering quality of work. In an effort to combat this issue John started The Duct Doctor and hasn’t looked back since!

We are proud to offer the following services to our Santa Rosa community:

  • Duct Cleaning and Repair
  • Duct Replacement
  • Furnace & A/C Maintenance
  • Clean Air Solutions

License #: 1104520

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